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"Your online sales will thrive in today's mobile world with NiftyCart. Get the unique MobiToolKit™ that gives you the tools you need for
successful mobile commerce"

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NiftyCart is designed to be easy to use for You AND Your mobile customers! The Easy Checkout process reduces abandoned shopping carts even for customers on phones

You Don't Need a Merchant Account To Accept Credit Cards!

It's automatically included with your NiftyCart Membership

Here Are a Few of the Many Ways NiftyCart Works for YOU!

When you use NiftyCart you are telling your customers that you are a professional business that is focused on giving your customers the best possible experience.


Easy to Setup

You can be selling online in just minutes... Really!!!

  • 1 Minute Setup for your information
  • 2 minutes to add each product or service with a picture
  • 1 Minute to paste a "Buy Button" in your Facebook Timeline

Here's Why You Want to Use NiftyCart

  • Designed for Mobile
  • Easy to Set Up
  • Easy for Your Customers to Buy
  • Works on Social Media
  • Notifies You of Purchases
  • Email Customer Receipts

Sell from Your Facebook Page

Your Facebook page can be your portal to selling on the Internet. You can either link your products or services from your Facebook page to NiftyCart's sales page or you can embed your NiftyCart catalog in your Facebook page. It's your choice. It's all integrated with your Facebook page. You don't even need a website.

Advanced Cart Users

If you're an advanced shopping cart user, you'll find the tools you need to satisfy any of your requirements including auto-responders, QuickBooks Interface, Coupons, and much much more. Discover all the advanced shopping cart features you need to thrive.

Here Are Options You Can Use

  • Interface to QuickBooks
  • Interface to GetResponse
  • Chat Box for Better Customer Service
  • Manage Coupons & Discounts
  • Remembers Customer Information
  • Concierge Service - Your Ultimate Support

Update Your QuickBooks Automatically

if you use QuickBooks you can automatically update your sales in QuickBooks so that your sales accounting is completely automated. This saves you time and reduces potential errors, saving you aggravation

Here Are Some of the Ways You Can Use NiftyCart

No matter where you want to sell, Your Website, Facebook, Your WordPress Blog, wherever...
NiftyCart works there.

Use it as a Buy Now Button on Your Facebook Timeline

It's simple to paste a Buy Now Button in your Facebook timeline and sell your items directly from Facebook. Promote the Post and you can drive Facebook traffic right to your item.

Use it as a Complete Catalog on Your Website

You'll discover that's it's amazingly simple to add your complete catalog to your website. Embed a simple link and your complete catalog is on your website.

You Can Add Buy Now Buttons to Your Blog

You'll find that the NiftyBuyButton is amazingly easy to install on your WordPress Blog. It allows you to paste a buy now display on any of your pages or posts.

Add Links Directly From Your Website

If you have a website with your catalog items already embedded in your site, you can easily add links from your website to NiftyCart's checkout to sell your items. You get all of the benefits of NiftyCart even if you are not using the Catalog.


NiftyCart is at the center of all of these functions.

  • Tracking Your Customer's Order
  • Calculating Sales Tax & Shipping
  • Making it easy for your customer
    to purchase again and again

Discover All the Ways NiftyCart Will Work for You!


Sell from Your Facebook Page with Your Complete Catalog

Your Facebook page can be your portal to selling on the Internet. You can embed your complete NiftyCart Catalog in your Facebook page. It's all integrated with your Facebook page. You don't even need a website.

Your Store Displays Correctly on Any Mobile Device

You look great no matter what the device is, Smart Phone, Tablet, Mini-Tablet, and even laptops.
NiftyCart formats for optimum display on every device.



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