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How to Sell Online in 5 Minutes or Less


How to Sell On the Facebook timeline

Mini Membership is designed for people who have just a few items to sell and want to start selling online.

You Can Add Buy Now Buttons to Your Blog or Website

You'll find that the NiftyBuyButton is amazingly easy to install on your WordPress Blog. It allows you to paste a buy now display on any of your pages or posts.

If you have a website it's a simple copy and paste to add the Nifty Buy Button

Easy to Setup

You can be selling online in just minutes... Really!!!

  • 1 Minute Setup for your information
  • 2 Minutes to add each product or service with a picture
  • 1 Minute to paste a "Buy Button" in your Facebook Timeline
  • OR 1 minute to add it to your Wordpress blog post or page

Use it as a Buy Now Button on Your Facebook Timeline

It's simple to paste a Buy Now Button in your Facebook timeline and sell your items directly from Facebook. Promote the Post and you can drive Facebook traffic right to your item.

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Here's Why You Want to Use NiftyCart

  • Designed for Mobile
  • Easy to Set Up
  • Easy for Your Customers to Buy
  • Works on Social Media
  • Notifies You of Purchases
  • Email Customer Receipts


NiftyCart Mini Membership is just $9/ month or $7.50/ month paid annually. You get:

  • Email or Chat Support
  • Buy Now Buttons for Your Website, Blog or Facebook Posts
  • Easy WordPress Plugin
  • Accept Credit and Debit Cards
  • No Website security certificate needed
  • Simple Shipping Calculations
  • Simple Sales Tax Calculations
  • Start Your 15 Day Free Trial Now!

Email Order Notification

You will be notified by email when an order is placed for one or more of your items so you can take whatever actions are necessary to complete the order.


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Into Your Bank Account With Ease

Hello, my name is Dave Lyon. I own the Raven Publishing Company. I have an Internet Site, I’ve used Nifty Cart for several years. It was extremely easy to set up and add to and modify and I’m very happy with it. I never had any problems or never a missed sale. Before I tried NiftyCart I tried several other shopping carts over a period of several weeks. I never could get them to work with my Internet gateway, my Internet Bank and my own personal bank. Nifty Cart is easy to use, very dependable and reliable.

Position Yourself in the Marketplace for Success

Hello, this is Dr Kim Gebrowski and I’ve been working with Nick Hurd and NiftyCart since the early part of 2004. Even though I consider myself quite computer literate, I’m not one to mess around with a lot of details and I have to say, it’s one of the simplest setups that I’ve ever experienced. If I ever have questions, the support has been 100%. It’s a plus to have an honest company you can deal with that stands behind their work. I would strongly recommend NiftyCart for anybody that’s taken a look at the different benefits they have to offer. I would be willing to share in detail about my experience going on close to 4 years now with NiftyCart. I’ve been nothing more than 100% satisfied with all the correspondence actions we’ve had and all the services have definitely helped our sales and position ourselves in the marketplace for success.

Gratitude for a Great Product

This is Kirk with I would like to express my gratitude to Nick for having a great product in NiftyCart. He’s always been there to give us the support we need having a great, easy to use, shopping cart.

Impressive Customer Service

Hi, my name is Christopher Michaels and I operate an online filter store at and we’ve used NiftyCart from the very beginning. Their system was quite easy to implement and we’ve been impressed with their customer service. They always get back to us right away and they’ve been very helpful with any problems we might have. They also have excellent features that we use; such as, being able to directly download into QuickBooks. I would say that we highly recommend NiftyCart and we’re very glad to do business with them.

Massive Increase in Sales for Your Business

My name is Wade from Seattle, WA. I’ve been using NiftyCart for 4 or 5 years now. Getting set up on it early in my business’s life. It’s been very easy to get answers to any questions I may have and to also get set up on the system. It has meant, in one of my businesses (I’ve got a couple set up on it), about $200,000 a year in business that I had not had before.

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